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Webinar: Virtual Reality - Where Humans, Data, and Artificial Intelligence Meet
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About the Event

Once limited to the realm of science fiction, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are poised to transform our everyday lives. They will change how we work, interact with the others, learn, entertain ourselves, and do science. Just as the internet has changed our lives permanently, so too will these technologies alter our future. We will discuss how virtual reality and artificial intelligence can be used to visualize complex information and unlock the power of limitless possibilities within our data-driven modern world.

This webinar is free and open to all members of the Caltech community, but registration is required. If you are not able to attend the live event, you can still register and a link to watch a recording of the webinar will be emailed to you.


About the Presenter

George Djorgovski, Professor of Astronomy, Director of Caltech's Center for Data Driven Discovery

As a professor of astronomy and director of Caltech's Center for Data-Driven Discovery, George Djorgovski has studied many different topics in astronomy and cosmology and led several large digital sky surveys. He is a co-founder of both the virtual observatory framework and Astroinformatics, an emerging discipline that lies at the intersection of astronomy, computer science, and information technology. He is currently investigating the ways in which computing is fundamentally changing how we approach science, scholarship, and education.



Questions? Contact: : events@alumni.caltech.edu

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