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Webinar: Social Media for Scientists and Engineers
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About the Event

Social media plays a crucial role in how information is dispensed. Social media technologies and online communities are powerful tools that are changing the ways that scientists engage with one another and general audiences. Sarah Mojarad will provide a brief introduction to the various ways that social media and science are intersecting in new and compelling ways.

Join us for this informative webinar:
Thursday, July 27
Noon - 1:00 p.m. PST

About the Presenter

Sarah Mojarad is a Lecturer at University of Southern California (USC). Her primary appointment is held in the Viterbi School of Engineering where she teaches “Social Media for Scientists and Engineers” and is working to build a program in science communication. She previously worked at Caltech in CCE as a Lecturer and Communications Program Manager for Social Media. While at Caltech, she collaborated with Professor Mark E. Davis to develop and teach her class on social media. The course is believed to be the first, full-length class that teaches STEM students the issues and opportunities of using modern, digital communication methods for outreach and other professional activities. Sarah is currently working on a science communication book for Cambridge University Press that will be used in her course. Its anticipated completion is spring 2018.

Questions? Contact: : events@alumni.caltech.edu

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