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Webinar: Where Did My Day Go? Solutions to Mastering Your Time for High Achievers
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About the Event

If you are like 99% of your fellow high achievers out there, your schedule can feel a bit like wading through piranha-infested waters: each of your competing responsibilities wants to bite off a chunk of your time, until there is nothing left. You juggle your work responsibilities, meetings, email, managerial duties, family, running a household, exercise, and everything else in your life and yet still end your days feeling frustrated that you didn't get more done. Well, enough is enough. This interactive workshop will help you approach time in a different way. You will learn:

  • how to diagnose your issues with time.
  • how to evolve personal traits, like avoidance or perfectionism, that impede your time mastery.
  • how to design new time habits that will allow you spend your time doing what really matters to you.

More than just tips and tricks, this workshop addresses the fundamental reasons why you feel chronically behind, and gives you a holistic solution to time mastery.

About the Presenter

Dr. Samantha Sutton received a Ph.D. in Biological Engineering from MIT and has combined engineering design principles with executive coaching to create the field of life engineering. She has worked with thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, physicians, researchers and professionals at institutions including Stanford, Google, Columbia, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the Society For Neuroscience (SfN), and American Women in Science (AWIS).

Questions? Contact: : events@alumni.caltech.edu

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