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Recently, our lab completed the first “whole-cell model”, explicitly accounting for the known functions of every gene product and molecule in one cell—Mycoplasma genitalium. It was considered by the journal Cell to be one of the major scientific accomplishments that it ever reported. The convergence of unprecedented computation power, huge storage capacity, and our lab’s unique ability on live-cell microscopy, among others, are helping us to expand this new technology to model more complicated organisms. In this talk, I will discuss our efforts in these areas, as well as some very interesting applications.

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About the Speaker

Markus is an Associate Professor in the Bioengineering Department at Stanford University, specializing in systems biology and live-cell microscopy. He has received the NIH Director's Pioneer Award, as well as an Allen Distinguished Investigator Award and an Allen Discovery Center from the Paul G. Allen Foundation. He was a postdoc at Caltech with David Baltimore from 2004-2007.

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