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Monthly Lunch: Peering into the Coloration of Dinosaurs and Classic Paintings with X-ray Accelerators
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Synchrotron accelerators produce a unique source of X-ray radiation that can be applied across a wide range of disciplines. The properties of these x-ray sources allow the characterization of the elemental distribution and chemical speciation of samples through x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. With developments in X-ray focusing, these techniques can be combined and applied to obtain microscale images of chemical distributions on heterogenous materials. In this presentation, Sam Webb (BS, MS '96) will discuss some of the technologies behind synchrotron radiation based X-ray spectroscopic imaging; and how we have used it to examine and elucidate the properties and mechanisms of pigmentation and coloration on samples from melanins, and color inferring pigments from prehistoric dinosaurs to the paints used by both classic and modern artists.

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