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Silicon Valley Monthly Lunch: "Fast, Automated 3D Modeling of Building Interiors" with Avideh Zakhor (BS '83)
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In this talk, I will present a mapping and visualization platform for 3D modeling and documentation of indoor environments. Unlike existing mobile mapping systems using wheels, our proposed acquisition systems are human wearable and hence must compensate for complex human gait. Furthermore, lack of GPS in indoor environments precludes us from applying existing outdoor mapping techniques to indoors. We propose two distinct systems to accomplish this task. The first one is an ambulatory backpack system, equipped with a suite of sensors worn by an operator walking at normal speed in and out of rooms inside a building, in a continuous walkthrough. The second one is a handheld system carried by a human operator as s/he waives it at walls while walking inside the building. Both systems share a common software pipeline that results in 3D point clouds, texture mapped surface reconstructed 3D models, 3D architectural models and floor plans, and web based virtual navigation with tagging, annotation, and dimension measurement capability. I will also describe a visual analytic platform that can be used to automatically recognize energy relevant assets such as windows, lights, and computers. The same walkthrough that generates 3D models can also collect building sensor fingerprints, which can later be used in a mobile app to locate building occupants, for example by first responders in emergency situations. I will explain some of the challenges in the design and implementation of this platform, and outline a number of open technical problems.

Avideh is the CEO and founder of Indoor Reality, a Silicon Valley startup with products in 3D reality capture, and visual and metric documentation of building interiors. She is on leave of absence from U.C. Berkeley, where she holds Qualcomm Chair in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, and has been a faculty member since 1988. She co-founded OPC technology in 1996, which was later acquired by Mentor Graphics (Nasdaq: MENT) in 1998; and UrbanScan Inc. in 2005, which was acquired by Google (Nasdaq:GOOGL) in 2007.  UrbanScan created the first fully automated 3D outdoor mapping system for 3D exterior models of buildings in urban environments. She has won a number of best paper awards in 3D computer vision, image processing, and signal processing. Avideh is an IEEE fellow, and has received the presidential young investigator award from President George Herber Walker Bush in 1992. 

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