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Mobile data traffic has been roughly doubling every year due to ever increasing consumption. While that continues, there is also a quickly evolving need to support high-speed mobile data transmission to machines such as self-driving cars. The combined effect results in the need to increase the capacity of the network by several orders of magnitude in the near future. In this talk, I will discuss several of the innovations underway to enable an ultrahigh capacity wireless network. Meeting such challenges require the commercialization of indoor wireless systems, outdoor site densification and new advances in mobile radio architecture, all of which I have been directly involved. I will also discuss the implication of these technologies over the next decade as we evolve towards 5G networks.

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About the Speaker

David Cutrer is a serial entrepreneur with a strong history of leadership and success in the wireless infrastructure space. He is currently the CEO of Kumu Networks, an innovative company that has developed a fundamental disruptive technology, greatly enhancing the spectral efficiency of wireless networks. He also sits on the board of directors for Boingo Wireless (NASDAQ: WIFI), a leader in providing high-speed wireless data network services at airports and other high profile venues. Previously, David served as Co-Founder and CTO of NextG Networks, the largest provider of outdoor distributed antenna systems (DAS), from its founding in 2001 until 2012, when the company was sold to Crown Castle International (NYSE: CCI) for $1B. From 1996 to 2001, he was co-founder and VP of Engineering of LGC Wireless, one of the first infrastructure companies to pioneer distributed antenna systems for in-building coverage and capacity. Both NextG Networks, Inc. and LGC Wireless led to highly successful exits for all shareholders. David holds a B.S. in Applied Physics from the Caltech and a Ph.D. in EE from the UC Berkeley. He is a recognized expert on small cell communication networks and holds 10 U.S. patents on technologies related to this space. 

Questions? Contact: Peter Tong: peter@ipventure.com

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