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Silicon Valley: December Dinner "Native Human Antibodies to Treat Infections and Cancer" with Larry Kauvar
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About the Event

This month, Larry Kauvar will discuss, “Native human antibodies to treat infections and cancer.”

The immune system is the body's primary defense against both infectious disease and cancer. Dysfunction of this complex system contributes to a variety of diseases (rheumatoid arthritis to Alzheimer's). Over the past 40 years, increasingly sophisticated methods for cloning antibodies (the primary effector for the immune system) has yielded drugs that now represent over $80 billion in annual revenue, growing faster than any other segment of the pharmaceutical industry. Larry is the inventor of cutting edge technology in this area, and the founder of Trellis Bioscience which is working to advance 4 such products for infectious diseases into clinical trials over the next 2 years. He will provide an introduction to the immune system, describe his technology and the clinical candidates it has generated, and provide some thoughts on future directions for the field.


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About the Speaker

Larry is the founder and VP Chief Scientist of Trellis Bioscience, a company focused on discovery and development of native human antibodies against infectious disease and cancer targets. He previously played the same role at Telik, a company focused on small molecules for cancer. He received his BA from Harvard, his PhD from Yale, and pursued postdoctoral studies at Caltech and UCSF. The primary focus of his industrial research for the past 25 years has been on development of innovative drug discovery assay technologies that combine high throughput empirical methods with computer intensive data reduction. Larry has published >40 peer-reviewed articles and is an inventor on >60 issued US patents. Trellis monoclonal antibody candidates progressing towards an IND include ones to treat RSV, CMV, influenza and bacterial drug resistance associated with biofilm formation.

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