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Silicon Valley CAEG: Pitch Panel Event

About the Event

Pitch Panel Event Application

Congratulations to the selected inventors for our first ever Pitch Event. Please join us as Ampaire, Kuna Systems, and Protein Fluidics pitch to a well-respected panel of Caltech alumni funders.


The panelists will hear and review these three pitches. There will be a general Q&A session afterward. Our panelists are:

  • Bill Coughran (BS and MS Ma, '75), Partner, Sequoia Capital 
  • Dong-Su Kim (BS APh '91), Vice President, Samsung Venture Investment Co.
  • Gordon Mitchard (MS APh '77, PhD APh '81), Board Member, Sand Hill Angels
  • Leo Polovets (BS CS '03), General Partner, Susa Ventures

In addition, there will be special investor attendees in the audience.

Additional Details

Should I Attend?

Yes! Even if you don't have a pitch or intend to pitch, you can watch (and learn from) the effort of others.

Plus, if you want to connect with a mentor or a mentee, this event will be a great opportunity!

Finally, this will be an opportunity to introduce yourself to any panelist or special investor attendee one-on-one in case you may want to contact them in the future about investing in your startup.

The success of our network is based upon the strength of its member connections.

Pitch Coaches and Mentors

If you want to be a Pitch Coach or a Mentor please let Kent (caakent@sonic.net) know.

Questions? Contact: caakent@sonic.net

Who's Coming?