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Silicon Valley CAEG: The  New Economy
Forum discussion of technology will also include AI and big data analyses.

About the Event

Mike Doty (BS '84), Managing Director and Co-Founder of ARK.io will discuss technologies which may significantly alter today's ecnomy including blockchain technology.

Mike has over 25 years of experience in mechanical engineering and design, including manufacturing, design, analysis, testing, and systems integration. He has designed machinery, small mechanisms, space craft structures, printed circuit boards, wiring harnesses, and electronic packaging. Mike has also performed stress, thermal, shock, and vibration testing, statistical and worst case tolerance analysis, and materials selection for reliability in extreme environments.

He has hands-on CAD and machine shop experience fabricating prototypes, along with the use of rapid prototyping (3D printer) equipment and technologies. His information technology experience includes system repair, data recovery, networking, and web development.

Mike has a BS Degree in Engineering and Applied Science from the California Institute of Technology.

He has worked in the automotive, petrochemical, nuclear, aerospace, medical instruments, and consumer products industries. He has consulted at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Hughes Space and Communications, EG&G Rocky Flats, Schlage Lock, Ethicon, DuPont, Bechtel, United Engineers and Constructors, Motorola, Ford, FMC, and numerous small business clients.


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