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Silicon Valley CAEG: Wearable Technology for Astronauts or Anyone Who Wants to Sleep Better
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Wouldn't it be nice to take a trip from San Francisco to London without having to worry about jet lag?

LumosTech is developing a smart sleep mask that can overcome jet lag using cutting edge light technology developed and clinically validated at Stanford University. Using millisecond pulses of light, our mask shifts your circadian rhythm while you sleep through the same neural pathways as natural light, so that you and your brain arrive at your destination at the same time (and hopefully so does your luggage).

Learn more about LumosTech and how it was formed from its co-founders: Kristin Gleitsman and Vanessa Burns (BS ’11). Hear about dealing with NASA, grant writing, and balancing an early startup with family life.

Kristin Gleitsman (PhD ’10)

Cofounder and Advisor, LumosTech; Senior Scientist,
Supervisor, Pacific Biosciences

Kristin Gleitsman began her scientific career at Vassar College, and subsequently studied abroad as a Gates Cambridge and Fulbright (Russia) Scholar before beginning her graduate work at the Caltech. Her diverse research training experiences provide a broad and solid scientific foundation, and her role as a scientist in the biotech sector provides insight into a company culture that fosters innovation and excitement, and she draws on both experiences in her advisory role at LumosTech.

In her ‘free time’, Gleitsman can be found chasing two small children around. And, boy howdy, nothing teaches you the value of sleep like small children! Kristin has been known to don our sleep mask to better align her sleep cycle with that of her early rising children.

Vanessa Burns (BS ’11)

CEO, LumosTech; PhD Candidate, Stanford University School of Medicine

Vanessa Burns's current research in neuroscience focuses on stress and learning in zebrafish. She began her scientific career at Caltech, earning a degree in bioengineering and a minor in English. Her spare time was taken up as a tutor and NCAA fencer (and with learning how to longboard!). Burns leverages her broad scientific background and strong leadership and teamwork abilities on a daily basis as CEO of LumosTech. 

As more of a night owl, Burns typically uses LumosTech's sleep mask to readjust her schedule for morning meetings.

Questions? Contact: : caakent@sonic.net

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