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Silicon Valley: CAEG Meeting: 2nd Annual Pitch Event
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About the Event

The Caltech alumni panelists comprising VC, corporate VC, and angel funding will hear and review your Pitch.  (And, if the pitch resonates with their funding strategies ... you might get a callback!)

Additional Details

  • 6:30-7:30 pm: Networking
  • 7:30-8:45 pm: Program
  • 9:00pm+: Crowne Plaza bar

Pitch Panel Event Application

Applications to Pitch at the Pitch Panel Event 2 must be received by September 15, 2017.

If you need help or want early feedback on your Pitch, please contact Gordon.  We’ll try to connect you with a coach or mentor to help refine your pitch.

We will select and notify by Sept 21st no more than eight inventors to pitch to a stellar group of Caltech alumni funders at our October 5thmeeting.

Should I attend?

Yes!  Even if you don't have a pitch or intend to pitch, you can watch (and learn from) the misery effort of others.

Plus, if you want to connect with a mentor or a mentee, this event will be a great opportunity!

Finally, this will be an opportunity to introduce yourself to any panelist or special investor attendee one-on-one in case you may want to contact them in the future about investing in your startup.

The success of our network is based upon the strength of its members.

Pitch Coaches and Mentors

If you want to be a Pitch Coach or a Mentor please contact Gordon Mitchard (gmitchard@sandhillangels.com).

About the CAEG

The Caltech Alumni Entrepreneurship Group (CAEG) is a technical (not consumer) forum group designed to provide trusted, interdisciplinary input during the research, exploration and development phases, and provide entrepreneurs access to a network of skills and experience.

The CAEG hosts monthly business mixers with a Caltech alumni presentation on business and entrepreneurship. This event is for Caltech alumni only.

Do you have an idea you would like to vet? Do you know where to start? Can you help others with your expertise and experience? Are you looking for a new job position, or have one available? Do you want to be a mentor, or need a mentor? Would you like to join a board of directors, or are you looking for qualified candidates for one?

Questions? Contact: Kent Noble: caakent@sonic.net

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