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Silicon Valley: CAEG Meeting: "Opportunities to collaborate with Caltech in novel and beneficial ways" with Professor Adam Wierman
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About the Event

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About the Speaker

Adam Wierman is a Professor in the Department of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at Caltech, where he currently serves as the Executive Officer, a.k.a., chair. He also serve as the Director of the Information, Science, and Technology (IST) initiative at Caltech.

He is the founding Director of the Rigorous System Research Group (RSRG, pronounced "resurge") and an active member of the new Decision, Optimization, and Learning at the California Institute of Technology (DOLCIT) group.

His research focuses on seemingly distinct areas: cloud computing, network economics, power systems, and heavy tails. Though diverse, the areas are all essential to my broader research goal: easing the incorporation of renewable energy into IT and, more generally, into the electricity grid. Broadly, his particular research style can be described as: "Rigorous system design." He uses mathematical models to provide insight into the design of computer systems, markets, and power systems by applying techniques from algorithms, operations research, economics, and control. 

About the CAEG

The Caltech Alumni Entrepreneurship Group (CAEG) is a technical (not consumer) forum group designed to provide trusted, interdisciplinary input during the research, exploration and development phases, and provide entrepreneurs access to a network of skills and experience.

The CAEG hosts monthly business mixers with a Caltech alumni presentation on business and entrepreneurship. The event is for Caltech alumni only.

Do you have an idea you would like to vet? Do you know where to start? Can you help others with your expertise and experience? Are you looking for a new job position, or have one available? Do you want to be a mentor, or need a mentor? Would you like to join a board of directors, or are you looking for qualified candidates for one?


Questions? Contact: Kent Noble: caakent@sonic.net

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