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Boozy Business: A Framework for Thinking about the Food and Beverage Industry

Grape & Grain started as 750ml, a struggling retail wine shop in downtown San Mateo. In the summer of 2010, Adam Simpson and Tyson Mao decided to take a chance and took over the business. While keeping the theme of wine, Grape & Grain added a craft beer program, and transformed the space into a bar. Like any business, the thinking behind Grape & Grain has evolved over the last six years. Through trial and error, and shifting market dynamics, this talk serves to share some of the learnings and perspective, and to draw parallels between food, beverage, and the tech startups that surround us in Silicon Valley. 



Tyson Mao (BS ’06), a native of San Mateo, graduated from Caltech with a degree in astrophysics. He spent four years in high frequency trading and then joined Zynga as a product manager in 2011. He now runs Hadron Labs, a software and hardware development shop that partners with startups and entrepreneurs.

He became involved in Grape & Grain due to his penchant for business execution. And honestly, who doesn’t want to own a bar? Tyson was also founder of the World Cube Association, the international governing body that regulates competitive Rubik’s Cube solving.

Adam Simpson, born and raised in San Mateo, has worked in management and operations at multiple food and beverage venues throughout the Bay Area. At 750ml, a combined retail wine shop and tasting lounge, Adam saw an opportunity to tap the local Peninsula community. In 2010, he formulated Grape & Grain, a craft beer and wine bar. Focused on practical operations and market trends, today, Grape & Grain is the top rated bar on Yelp in the Peninsula, and has been profitable every month since opening.

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The CAEG hosts monthly business mixers with a Caltech alumni presentation on business and entrepreneurship. The event is for Caltech alumni only.

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