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Silicon Valley: CAEG Meeting: "Make money and influence civilization as a futurist: Potentials and Pitfalls in the ancient-and-modern art of Prediction" with David Brin (BS '73)
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About the Event

  • 6:30-7:30 pm: Networking
  • 7:30-8:45 pm: Program
  • 9:00pm+: Crowne Plaza bar

About the Speaker

David Brin (CIT '73) is a scientist, inventor, and New York Times bestselling author. With books translated into 25 languages, he has won multiple Hugo, Nebula, and other awards. A film directed by Kevin Costner was based on David’s novel The Postman, with other works under option.  David’s science-fictional Uplift Saga explores genetic engineering of higher animals, like dolphins, to speak and join our civilization.  In EARTH and EXISTENCE he explores near future trends that may transform our world.

As a scientist/futurist, David is seen frequently on television shows such as The ArchiTechs, Universe, and Life After People, with frequent appearances on PBS, BBC and NPR. He has consulted for original shows like Ascension, Seven Days and Century City.

A patent-holding inventor, he is in-demand to speak about future trends, keynoting for IBM, GE, Google, Procter & Gamble, SAP, Microsoft, Qualcomm, the Mauldin Group, and Mitre Research, all the way to think tanks, public agencies, intelligence services and the White House. (http://www.davidbrin.com/speaker.html)

With degrees from Caltech and the University of California-San Diego, Dr. Brin serves on advisory panels ranging from astronomy and NASA's Innovative & Advanced Concepts program (NIAC) to others dealing with artificial intelligence, nanotech, SETI, national defense to technological ethics. His nonfiction book The Transparent Society: Will Technology Make Us Choose Between Privacy and Freedom? explores the dangers of secrecy and loss of privacy in our modern world. It garnered the prestigious Freedom of Speech Prize from the American Library Association. (http://www.davidbrin.com)

What is the CAEG? 

DESIGN THINKING:  Do you have an idea you would like to vet?  We are a technical (not consumer) forum group designed to provide trusted, interdisciplinary input during the research, exploration and development phases.

NETWORKING: We strive to provide entrepreneurs access to a network of skills and experience.  Do you know where to start?  Can you help others with your expertise and experience?  Are you looking for a new job position, or have one available?  Do you want to be a mentor, or need a mentor? Would you like to join a board of directors, or are you looking for qualified candidates for one?

MENTORSHIP: If you wish to be a mentor or would like access to one, send Kent your background.

CALTECH ONLY: This is a reminder that CAEG events are for Caltech alumni and Caltech Community only.

Questions? Contact: Kent Noble: caakent@sonic.net

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