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About the Event

Tim Kay (PhD '92) is a serial entrepreneur who likes to build platforms. His new startup, Thing Control, automates the design, manufacturing, and assembly of electronic devices. Tim will describe quickly his past startups, explain why he focuses on platforms, and why they are a hard way to be successful. Tim will demonstrate Thing Control by creating an IoT device.

We will also have a brainstorming session to investigate applications for Thing Control. Bring your aluminum hats, boppies and beanies! We'll need every brain cell fully charged and ready to go. 

Should I Attend?

Yes! We need your help to vet this technology platform and generate ideas for beneficial usages (aka killer applications).

The success of our network is based upon the strength of its member connections. 

About the Inventor

Tim Kay graduated from Caltech in 1992 with a PhD in Computer Graphics, and was awarded an Oscar for his thesis work. Kay moved to Silicon Valley and has been involved in startups ever since. He built high tech slot machines, competed head-to-head with Elon Musk's first startup, created the precursor to Siri, mobilized public libraries, built a bitcoin mine in Modesto, and is now changing the way electronic devices are designed, manufactured, and assembled.

About the Caltech Alumni Entrepreneurship Group (CAEG)

We are a technical (not consumer) forum group designed to provide trusted, interdisciplinary input during the research, exploration and development phases, and provide entrepreneurs access to a network of skills and experience.

The CAEG hosts monthly business mixers with a Caltech alumni presentation on business and entrepreneurship. As a reminder: all CAEG events are for Caltech alumni and Caltech Community only. The Honor Code is in effect as we want to have an open, liberal and no-holds-barred discussion. 

Do you have an idea you would like to vet? Do you know where to start? Can you help others with your expertise and experience? Are you looking for a new job position, or have one available? Do you want to be a mentor, or need a mentor? Would you like to join a board of directors, or are you looking for qualified candidates for one?

Questions? Contact: : caakent@sonic.net

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