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San Diego: "The Spitzer Space Telescope: NASA’s Infrared Great Observatory – From the Youngest Galaxies to Exoplanets" with Tom Soifer (BS '68)
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About the Event

San Diego Alumni are invited to hear Tom Soifer (BS'68) speak at the Lyncean Group of San Diego's upcoming lunch. Dr. Soifer is the Director of the Spitzer Science Center and former chair of the Division of Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy at Caltech. Alumnus David Groce (BS'58, PHD'63) has graciously extended an invitation for Caltech alumni to participate.



The Spitzer Space Telescope, the fourth of NASA’s Great Observatories, was launched on August 25, 2003 for a nominal 5-year mission to study the Universe at infrared wavelengths. The observatory continues to operate and will do so until approximately March 2019.   Spitzer has made and continues to make important discoveries on topics as varied as Near Earth Objects, Extrasolar Planets, star formation in galaxies throughout the universe and the most distant galaxies known in the universe. In this talk, Professor Soifer will describe the innovative design of Spitzer and focus on a small fraction of the major scientific accomplishments from the mission.

About the Lyncean Group of San Diego

The Lyncean Group of San Diego consists of retired and semi-retired technical professionals who meet regularly to discuss subjects associated with science and technology, to learn from one another, to share thoughts and ideas, and to enjoy a mutual interest in science, technology and related fields.

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