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San Diego: Caltech Robosub Team Celebration
San Diego: Caltech Robosub Team Celebration
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About the Event

Join alumni, family, and friends to honor the Caltech RoboSub team who are participating in the 19th Annual Robosub Competition.

The Caltech team is comprised of approximately 30 undergraduates whose fields of study include Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Applied Physics. They are passionate about robotics and they are eager to share that passion with you!

In addition to meeting the Caltech Robotics team, we will visit the SPAWAR pool facility called Transdec, the competition venue, to see robots in competition and a hardware display and talk on the Navy’s Unmanned Maritime Vehicles (UMV’s).


Caltech's 2016 Robot


Our Caltech Robotics team introduces its latest and greatest autonomous underwater vehicle. The CalThe best one yet!tech Robotics Team’s 2016 robot is the most advanced vehicle they have built to date. The new system features seven high-precision VideoRay M5 brushless thrusters, allowing for excellent maneuverability in the water, as well as four pneumatically-powered torpedoes and two deployable robotic arms. Its assortment of sensors, which include a Doppler Velocity Log, nine-axis Inertial Measurement Unit, four-hydrophone acoustical array, and gimbaled Guppy Pro color camera, allows the vehicle to localize itself in the water and gain valuable data about its surroundings. With its comprehensive computer vision algorithms and powerful mobility controller, the vehicle operates effectively and intelligently without any human intervention.

Meet the Team


The Caltech Robotics Team designs and builds vehicles for robotics competitions. Thirty-five Caltech undergraduates and one faculty mentor meet one of the most exciting and motivating challenges in engineering. Together, they design, prototype, fabricate, assemble, test, debug, and then tune robots for competition. Two years ago, the team competed in their first AUVSI/ONR’s Robosub competition. Their autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) completed a challenging obstacle course. It finished seventh out of thirty-seven competitors. The team received the "Best New Competitor" award. They returned last year and finished fourth. This year, the team returns to the annual event with an eye on first place.

Questions? Contact: : events@alumni.caltech.edu

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