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Career Webinar: Personal Branding From The Inside Out, With Samantha Sutton

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About the Event

Webinar with Samantha Sutton

Career Counselor and PhD

Note new time! 5:00 p.m. PT

Each person has a certain “way of being” that is well known by everyone around them. That is their personal brand. In this interactive seminar, Dr. Sutton leads participants on an intriguing and insightful journey to identify their innate personal brands, and hone them to reflect the most powerful and compelling version of themselves.

Participants will leave the seminar with:

  • A definition of their personal brand
  • Confidence in themselves and less fear of "looking bad”
  • The courage to take the risks that align with their brand.

This seminar shows participants how to live their daily lives from the most exquisite version of themselves, and have that reflected back in the results they get.

About Samantha Sutton

Samantha Sutton is committed to advancing science and technology by helping scientists and technologists build great careers. Leveraging her background in biological engineering (PhD, MIT 2008), and career and life coaching (2007 – present), Sutton has coached thousands of individuals at institutions including Stanford Medical Center, Columbia, and MIT, companies like Google and Pratt & Whitney, and organizations like Society For Neuroscience, American Women in Science (AWIS), Association of Underrepresented Minority Fellow (AUMF), and Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology.

Questions? Contact: : careers@alumni.caltech.edu

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