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Campus: Gradiators 2016
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About the Event

Did you watch the Rio Olympics and get a nagging feeling that they were just a warm up for something? Well, here it is - the event of the year! Gradiators is a "field day" type of event in which teams compete in fun, outdoor, active mini-games while pizza and drinks are available for consumption. Prizes will be awarded and a merry time will be had by all! Sporting prowess not necessary, but a fun attitude is a must.

What: Our own Caltech Olympics event! Participants compete in teams in a number of events that will challenge them in any number of different surprising ways!  

Who: This event is open to graduate students (those just starting and those who are experienced Caltechers) as well as all alumni and staff!  

When: This event will be on September 24 from 11am-3pm. Please turn up by 10:45am. We cannot guarantee you will participate if you are late.  

Where: Beckman Lawns in front of the Beckman Institute.  

Cost: Free. Wait, really? Yep, absolutely free!

Additional Details

Food and Drinks: Lunch will be provided! There will be drinks including plenty of water!  

Dress code: Please wear comfortable clothing for a bit of exercise. This includes sneakers/runners/trainers and comfortable clothing. Also, be aware that there may be some events that require a little bit of splashing, so your clothes may get wet (but not saturated). Remember it may be hot, so sunglasses, a hat and sun cream are strongly recommended.  

How to Sign Up: All sign up is done online. Please follow the following link to get registered. You may register a team (up to 10) or a subset of that or even as an individual. We will form teams before the beginning of the event. Registration link: https://goo.gl/forms/kuSf1Nks4XoVoasM2  

Wait, is this a sports event or a fun event? It’s both, but mostly the second. On a spectrum, it’s 30% exercise and 70% complete unadulterated fun!     There are limited spots and this is a VERY popular event, so sign up soon!   Can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks!  

Konrad Pilch PhD Student, Caltech GSC Social Chair kpilch@caltech.edu (626) 660-7380

Questions? Contact: kpilch@caltech.edu

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