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The Accidental Entrepreneur with Evan F. Cromwell, PhD (BS '84)

A person’s path to become an entrepreneur can vary greatly.  Some are born entrepreneurs, some achieve entrepreneurship, and some have entrepreneurship thrust upon them.  In Evan F. Cromwell's (BS '84) case, it was quite accidental. In this informal ramble, he will describe his path to becoming an entrepreneur, many of the lessons he learned along the way, and some case histories of his various companies. 

He started his career working for one of the most stable tech companies ever:  Big Brother IBM.  As they learned how to down-size, he learned that the large corporate life might not be ideal for him.

Fast forward several years and he was on the street after the next company he worked for closed its doors. In any other place in America he probably would have circulated my resume and waited for the next job, but the lure of the Start-Up in Silicon Valley was too great and he became an Entrepreneur! He has been directly involved in starting 6 companies.  The first 5 “evolved” into a successful exit, and his latest adventure with the sixth is just over a year old and progressing nicely.  

He hopes he can provide some insight and perspective into what has made him a successful entrepreneur, helpful hints to those who have started or want to start their own companies, and amusement to those who have been in similar situations as himself. 

About the Speaker

Evan F Cromwell, PhD (BS '84)
Founder and President of Protein Fluidics, Inc.
Evan F. Cromwell has over 30 years of senior executive and technical experience in leading the design, development and manufacture of systems for biological assays, materials analysis, optical inspection, and process control. He is currently Founder and President of Protein Fluidics, Inc. where he is focused on the commercialization of novel microfluidic instrumentation and assay systems for the biopharma industry. Prior to that, he was Director of Research at Molecular Devices (a Danaher company) for seven years and Founder and President of Blueshift Biotechnologies. Blueshift successfully commercialized a novel cellular imaging platform that enabled high throughput assays for genomics, proteomics, and cell-based applications and was acquired by Molecular Devices in 2008. He is the author of over 40 papers and presentations in the diverse areas of biology, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, tribology, and optical instrumentation. He is also an accomplished inventor and holds 15 patents. Cromwell received a B.S. in Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from UC Berkeley.

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